Family medicine is an approach to health care that is based on the idea of taking a broad view of wellness and illness, concentrating on all aspects of a person's life. Family medicine thus attempts to address not only the treatment but also the emotional and social stresses that patients face. Family medicine treats many people from all walks of life, including both men and women of different ages, as well as children and infants. Family nurse practitioners treat ailments ranging from respiratory illnesses and urinary tract infections (UTIs) to depression and high blood pressure (hypertension).

Family medicine providers also can play an important role in the health care system by providing management of conditions that might otherwise lead to costly emergency department visits, hospitalizations or specialist referrals. Our family nurse practitioner provides accessible, cost-effective, comprehensive primary care services that focus on prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment. There is a greater emphasis on wellness than illness, which leads family medicine providers to take more time with their patients and listen more thoroughly to concerns they may have.

Family medicine has been around for decades but has become even more prevalent over the past few years with the increased demand for primary care providers due to an aging population. Our family nurse practitioner can provide a wide range of services for age-related issues such as exercise counseling, vaccinations, cancer screening and management of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Family medicine is an important part of the health care system and offers a unique perspective on wellness and illness. It is an approach that benefits everyone, from patients to providers.

Family medicine is sometimes considered one way in which primary care practitioners can provide comprehensive services for their patients. Our family nurse practitioner also serves as referral resource to other types of medical professionals and specialists who might be necessary for a given ailment. Family nurse practitioners thus play a large role in promoting preventive care, especially since they tend to be aware of the family and medical histories of their patients. They also emphasize health promotion and disease prevention as part of wellness care. Ask us about our family medicine services and how we can care for your family!